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Here is a collection of different rodent drawings. You may download them, there shouldn't be a copyright ;-)  If you use them on any publication it would be nice to tell the people where you got these pictures.

To download a picture click on it and press right button, select "save as..." and save it to your disk.


Mongolian Gerbil -- 10.9 Kb

Gerbil (Gerbillus) -- 5.9 Kb

Gerbil in a hand (linedrawing) -- 9.5 Kb

Gerbil in a wheel (linedraw) -- 8.3 Kb

A gerbil picture by Esther. I had to change the size for this HTML! The quality of this file is ok --> The downloaded file has got the original size! -- 11 Kb

Two gerbils (linedraw) -- 15 Kb

Gerbil (sketch) -- 8 Kb

Two mice -- 15 Kb

Single mouse (sketch) -- 6.9 Kb

Two rats (linedraw) -- 14.7 Kb

Two hamsters (linedraw) -- 11.8 Kb

Single hamster -- 6.5 Kb

White footed deermouse -- 10.8 Kb

Copyright 1997 by Sebastian Beneke, Germany.
Last update: 12-26-1997