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Squirrels (Sciurinae)
Flying Squirrels (Petauristinae/ Anomaluromorpha)
Pocket gophers/ Pocket rodents (Geomyoidae)
Jumpingmice / jerboas (Dipodidae)
Blindmole-rats (Spalacidae)
"Rootrats" (Rhizomyidae)
Real mice(Muridae)    
Hamster-likerodents (Cricetidae)
Dormice (Gliroidae)

"Thank-You-Page"here you can find all peopleworking with me on this dictionary. Thanx to all!

Tip:   If you do not know the zoologicalfamily, just scroll down the pages and read the table. You can find mostpets (gerbils, mice, hamsters etc.) in the families of real mice and hamster-likerodents.

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Do you miss some animals? Do you know a Name in another language? Please mail me and become a "co-author"of this dictionary (everybody will know about your help!).
I tried to include many "common" pets. There are many other species, which are just interesting for scientists, but it gives you a small focus on that, what zoological systematics is.
On the other side I could not include all rodents! If you miss a special one and can give me at least two languages (e.g. English, Latin), I will include it, too. Or just ask for the one you miss :)
I could not include all subspecies, naturally!

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