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        Information about:
         >>> THE MONGOLIAN GERBIL <<<
         >>> OTHER GERBIL SPECIES  <<<
             SUNDEVALL'S JIRD  * NEGEV JIRD        * SHAW'S JIRD
         >>>NEW: JERBOA PAGES<<<
              This is a homepage about gerbils. Rick will add pages about chinchillas, degus and bearded
            dragon reptiles soon. There will be a french translation, too.
          Visit Victoria's gerbil family!
         The National Gerbil Society gives you information about gerbils, breeding etc. Much to see, visit it!
         "The best Gerbil links on the Web". Many useful links, very good design. A real good site, Ehrenfried! :-)
         Ehrenfried's und Vera's page shows you many colours, many pictures, much genetic. Very useful. Perhaps
           the best Colour page on the net! There is a German page, too.

Wildlife  /  Ecology:                                                                                        TOP

             Much information about wildlife and reservation, big index of mailing lists, links etc. THE startingpoint for
           everybody interested in wildlife and ecology on the internet. Join the WED !
             Save the marmots!           It includes photos of wildlife and wildlife projects, wildlife humor, links to wildlife job and career information,
          lists of on-line resources for biologists, a listing of wildlife related discussion groups, and a monthly ecology
         Most of the resource publications of the former National Institute for Urban Wildlife, which closed in 1996,
           are now available from Urban Wildlife Resources.

Mailing lists, news etc.                                                                                   TOP

         To join the Gerbil Mailing List send Email to the Listserver at Rice University: (by using this link, you just
           have to add your name!)

            No subject! Body:        SUB GERBILS <your name>

       You receive a collection of postings about wildlife and ecology. This is a very good medium to share your
           knowledge and to get in contact with other interested people all over the world!
           To join the WED send Email to and type: "Subscribe to WED"
         This is a very good mailing list with topics, the subscribers can choose. Almost all mammal species!
           To subscribe send email to the L-Soft list server at Smithsonian Institution  and type: SUB MAMMAL-L


       An extra Chat room for gerbils! "Come in and find out" :) Requires IRC-Client or JAVA enabled browser.
           Join the chat via this NGS-Page.
         try following newsgroups:
               - rec.pets                     pets 
               - alt.pets.rodents        pets, especially rodents 
          - de.sci.biologie          German biology group 


Rats and mice:                                                                       TOP

             Real good page! You find much about rats, many links (clubs etc.)

Other rodents:                                                                                                                                                TOP

             These pages are dedicated to one of North America's most endangered mammals: the Vancouver Island marmot.
           Our intent is simple: To inform you about this beautiful and interesting creature, and the work being done to save it from
           extinction. The next few years will be pivotal. We have much work to do before Marmota vancouverensis can be safely
           removed from the endangered species list. So, visit this important project!
            This site includes many species and families! Have a look!

Other small mammals:                                                                                  TOP

            THE site about shrews in the web, The Shrew Bibliography (> 6000 references) (also available on CD ROM) etc.
          Created by Dr. Werner Haberl. There you can find the Shrew Talk Digest, too.

 Resources:                                                                                                   TOP

         Resources for biology. Very useful.

                                          Copyright 1997 by Sebastian Beneke, Germany.

Last update: 12-21-1997


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